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18 November: Science day

A few weeks ago the “Science Days” took place in Bolzano at EURAC. It is a type of fair around the subject of teaching science, where students, teachers and authorities met in order to find out about and present the projects currently ongoing in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.

This initiative is organised by the Italian Division for Education and Training – Pedagogical Section- of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. The schools participating in the Ortler project also took part and each student group gave a brief presentation on their own work to the audience. You can find all presentations on our homepage.


It was a unique opportunity to observe personally whether and how much has been going on in the schools regarding this project. It all happened only short time after those 20 days in September, when the three main educational activities took place: the glaciology camp, the visit to the perforation site and the Social Media Campus.

We were particularly impressed by the enthusiasm, the energy and the passion demonstrated by the students while presenting their experiences. They used various methods: short papers, close examinations, picture galleries, etc. All this also positively impressed the (young and older) students visiting the fair.


3 November Interview with Paolo Gabrielli

A few days ago the “Science Day” took place in Bolzano/Bozen at EURAC. The Science Day is a type of fair where projects, proposals and ideas for teaching science in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen were presented. The ORTLER project was presented as well and we were able to see close up how much has been happening around this project so far. We will soon publish new posts including pictures and reports about the work currently going on in all participating schools.

Today we have the honour of publishing an interview with Dr. Paolo Gabrielli, a researcher from the Trentino region in Italy, who is also the scientific coordinator of the project. He was able to answer to some of our questions shortly before returning to work at the Byrd Polar Centre of the Ohio State University of Columbus (USA).

Paolo, you are shortly due to go back to the USA. Four ice cores, three of them reaching down to the rock underneath the glacier, were extracted. Were you expecting such a result a few months ago?

To tell you the truth, yes, I was expecting this, although the extraction of four ice cores was our most ambitious goal. We had prepared everything in such a way that would allow this result. I would have considered extracting one such ice core, reaching down to the rock, a success. This was not a certainty at the outset… especially considering the technical difficulties we had during the operations.

What are the unique features of this project?

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